Daily Life

5:30- Chris wakes up 6:00- Chris tries to wake Erika up 6:30- Erika actually gets up 6:45- LG won’t start (she doesn’t like the cold mornings). Takes 15 minutes every morning to pack her up and get her on the road 7:00- On the road watching the sunrise! 7:30- Roadside chai 12:00- Two curries, four … More Daily Life

Our First Breakdown

The beauty of the Rajasthani desert is difficult to put into words. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen, and the simplicity of it makes it that much more exquisite. But with our one month visa nagging at us, it was time to go. Two girls at the local lassi shop said we should … More Our First Breakdown

Camel College

Welcome to Camel College of Jaisalmer. Here, you will spend a night in the desert and learn survival techniques from times before electricity. En route to Camel College, you will be riding a camel for two hours. Please remember they are wild animals, and may kick and wobble while riding. They may also have Delhi … More Camel College

Suicidal Hogs

It’s not everyday that some beautiful 25 year old yoga master in a Monster snapback pulls up in an Audi A3 soft top. He asks where we’re headed, and deters us from our original plan of Jodhpur. “The Gods and the sun collide here”. Swoon. It’s not hard to convince us to go off the beaten … More Suicidal Hogs

Thali Binge

Two days since we’ve become parents. Our pups hate it when we leave, and they especially hate it when their doggie senses tell them we’ll be gone for awhile. But as soon as they realized they’re loved, they’ll warm up to their new caretakers pretty quick. LG’s the same: she stuck, she stalled, and she … More Thali Binge

Liquid Gun

I am not a travel planner. I have never bought a Lonely Planet book, and have never gotten tickets in advance. I stop where I like, and chat to locals and other backpackers for the inside scoop. It’s led to many discoveries and happy accidents that otherwise would have left for a normal trip. And … More Liquid Gun