26 hours on an Indian sleeper train later: Goa. (Okay, it took another day and a half driving from Bombay to Goa but still). This was going to be our “real vacation”- what people probably think we’ve been doing this whole time. Sitting on the beach, sipping pina coladas, taking showers in the ocean, and … More Go(a)broad

Did We Ever-rest? 

If wanting to see where the worlds of humans and the Gods collide is on your bucket list, Naragot is your place. It’s worth risking frostbite to see the sunrise over Everest and the Himalayas. It’s brutally cold, especially at the hilltop viewpoint that’s unprotected from wind chill. But if you manage to make it up … More Did We Ever-rest? 

Mustang is a Must-go

“A 2004 350cc? She’ll barely make it up there.” Lucky we don’t take no for an answer and shiny 500cc bikes don’t have shit on LG and her 1950’s engineering.  Imagine riding on a rock beach, mid-winter, at 3,700 meters altitude. Except instead of the ocean, it’s a 500 meter cliff. You’re surrounded by the … More Mustang is a Must-go

Daily Life

5:30- Chris wakes up 6:00- Chris tries to wake Erika up 6:30- Erika actually gets up 6:45- LG won’t start (she doesn’t like the cold mornings). Takes 15 minutes every morning to pack her up and get her on the road 7:00- On the road watching the sunrise! 7:30- Roadside chai 12:00- Two curries, four … More Daily Life

Our First Breakdown

The beauty of the Rajasthani desert is difficult to put into words. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen, and the simplicity of it makes it that much more exquisite. But with our one month visa nagging at us, it was time to go. Two girls at the local lassi shop said we should … More Our First Breakdown