A twentysomething year old Japanese/American Third Culture Kid. An international school and Rollins College alumn.

Having grown up in Fiji, the Marshall Islands, Japan, and the United States, I’ve got a predisposition to travel and some seriously itchy feet. Going to an international school in Yokohama only nurtured that fire to learn and explore the unknown, and at Rollins College I began my nomadic lifestyle.

At Rollins, I double majored in sociology and elementary education so I could be an international school teacher. Somehow, I’ve ended up working in the yachting industry in Corfu, Greece. I always knew I’d find a home working somewhere exotic with lots of opportunities for travel, but the yachting industry was something I was uneducated for.

Now, my rescue pup Dinosaur and I happily spend all our free time cooking and daydreaming in the sun about future trips. Luckily, we’ve got Chris and his Canadian Shepard Lila for company. Cooking for four is much more satisfying than cooking for one.

I believe that travel is about understanding the locals. Trying new foods and learning the language is only half of it. I want to live like the locals, experience like the locals, and love like the locals. Their love of family, country, tradition, and beauty is always unparalleled.

So far I’ve…
– volunteered in Sri Lanka and Thailand rebuilding Buddhist temples and teaching young monks English
-solo backpacked western/central Europe for five months
-rode a Royal Enfield 350cc around India and Nepal

Click around for stories on the road, amateur photography/videography, recommendations for places to stay/places to see/where to eat/what to pack, and recipes.


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