Camel College

Welcome to Camel College of Jaisalmer. Here, you will spend a night in the desert and learn survival techniques from times before electricity.

  1. En route to Camel College, you will be riding a camel for two hours. Please remember they are wild animals, and may kick and wobble while riding. They may also have Delhi Belly and if you are behind one that does, it will get smelly. Riding side saddle is more comfortable and will prevent your feet from getting swollen like you’re on a trans-Atlantic flight, but as beginners you must ride horseback.
  2. Once at the site, remember to tie the front feet of your camel loosely together. December to February is “camel love season” and they may run away to mate.
  3. If you open a plastic pouch, you can easily re-seal it by lighting a twig on fire and melting the plastic shut.
  4. The rhythmic kneading and punching of chapati dough in an aluminum bowl may sound like aggressive percussion, but don’t be fooled, chapatis need love and massaging.


  5. Dishes can be scrubbed with sand, and then put over the fire for the sand to easily slide off. No soap required.
  6. All leftovers can be rationed to the desert mice, beetles, cows, goats, and sheep.
  7. For the first time in your life, prepare to physically feel that the Earth is round. It is not unlike  the feeling in a planetarium. Throughout the night, you will visibly see the stars moving in a spherical manner.
  8. Use the moon to your advantage. In the early evening when it is too bright (hiding the stars), cook with the moonlight. It will soon disappear to reveal pitch blackness for the stars to shine.


  9. Pile sand under your futon to create a headrest, and you will have the most extraordinary open air experience in your life, filled with shooting stars, the Milky Way, and enough stars to make anyone believe in extraterrestrial life.

Rest assured, this no internet, no electricity, no light haven will be an experience unlike no other. You will come back with a new appreciation for life, and a beautifully simplistic view of the world.


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