Unrealistic Expectations?

I am fully aware that Japan is super efficient, super clean, and micromanages. Some may argue that that’s a bad thing, but there are obvious benefits to it. One of the benefits that I took for granted for so many years are the fully staffed, clean, technologically updated hospitals (and our A+ national health care system).

Unfortunately,   I learned that not all countries have this luxury. I’m not trying to bash Greece or anything, but from start to finish, the entire night was shocking in how the hotels and hospitals conducted themselves.

My partner and I went out for a business dinner. A professional business dinner, so only 2 glasses of wine were consumed throughout the entire dinner. Nobody was drunk. After dinner, we went to a rooftop bar for a night cap. Before the drinks arrive, Mr. George goes to the bathroom


That was his leg. Literally broken in two.

He’s on the ground, in shock so we ask for a blanket to cover him up while we wait for the ambulance. IN A HOTEL. WE ASKED FOR A BLANKET IN A HOTEL. Could they find one? No. Shocking.

When the ambulance arrived, they knew we were on the sixth floor and that his leg was broken because that’s what we told them on the phone. The EMTs come up, stared at his him on the floor for 15 minutes, and walked back out without saying one word. Shocking.

On their way out we said we’ll need some sort of chair since the elevator barely fit 4 people standing. There was clearly no way a stretcher was going to fit. What did they bring? A STRETCHER. Shocking stupidity. They did, however, bring an inflatable boot to make a balloon around his leg for safety. They hooked it up to the oxygen tank to inflate it but did the oxygen tank work? No. Shocking. And for the love of God, the men would not accept that the oxygen tank wasn’t working, and that the manual pump wouldn’t fit properly to inflate it so they stood there instead of getting on with it and just inflating it by mouth, which we had to suggest in the end. Ugh.

After over an hour, we finally get him into the ambulance and to the hospital. The hospital is dingy, and has hand-written signs with bubble letters to show people where to go. Shocking conditions.

He goes to the emergency room where the take his vitals, when CLEARLY it’s his leg that hurts. We go up to the X-Ray room with him, and the doctor (who is, by the way, wearing a t-shirt that reads “Vintage College Est. 1975” with Crocs. So professional) asks him to hop up on the X-Ray table. OKAY LET HIM JUST GROW ANOTHER LEG SO HE CAN WALK. Shocking. Ends up the X-Ray machine is mobile so they just moved it over stretcher. Beyond me why they couldn’t do that from the beginning.

Surprise, surprise, we find out that his leg is broken. They end up having to set it, and unfortunately they did it without any anesthetics and us standing right outside the room. You’ve never heard such a scream of agony. Shocking.

Two hours later (we think, as none of the clocks in the hospital told the right time), he’s finally in a room with his wife trying to go to sleep.

What a night.

Here’s me praying as hard as I can that I never need medical assistance in Greece.


One thought on “Unrealistic Expectations?

  1. If you think you need a medical care, even if it is a very minor one, you hop on to the plane and come back to Japan. I will come pick you up at the airport and take to the best medical care avilable. No worries, you are still covered by the Japanese national health insurance plan.


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