I Lav(ender) Gordes

It smells like walking into a Yankee Candle store.

I haven’t been able to go to the places on my European bucket list because they’re scattered around the continent and, well, my financial status doesn’t allow for me to jet off to random towns just to see one place. However, the lavender fields in Provence was one of my things on my list and for good reason.

It’s not exactly how you imagine (but what is?). In my mind’s eye I imagined it to be rolling hills filled with lavender- so much so that you couldn’t walk. I also thought that it was wild lavender. In reality, they’re structured like vineyards in rows and there’s (large) patches of lavender on hills. It’s not necessarily wild lavender for as far as the eye can see, but it was pretty damn cool.

Apparently I didn’t even go when they were in full bloom (I can only imagine). It was quite a site: rows and rows of fresh purple lavender, contrasted with the rolling green mountains cocooning, under a royal blue sky. Although the colors were amazing, the smell is something that I can’t describe. Its lavender, but it’s oh so different to that artificial crap that we smell all the time. Nature at it’s finest.

On the way back we passed the mediaeval village of Gordes, sitting on a mountain overlooking vineyards and greenlands. If I had unlimited money I would buy a chateau there and drink wine with aperitifs every day and fill my house with freshly picked lavender, like all the other rich Europeans do. You can just see the history of these stone villages. The people who must have walked the same path hundreds of years ago and bought baguettes from the one village bakery.


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