St. Maur feat Barcelona

Party islands are suction holes. Some guys from the island and I were talking about how if you extend your trip by even one day you’re screwed. Personally, I was so close to taking a menial job there just to make enough to live (and party). 

Instead I packed my bags hungover and made it to the port for a nine hour journey to Barcelona. 

The place I stayed at was smack in the middle of the Gothic area, which I think is the coolest part of town. The Cathedral and La Sagrada Familia both have gothic characteristics and are just super creepy (in a good way) to look at. Sitting outside these places and writing/people watching is one of the coolest things to do- especially cos there’s always performers outside.

My host also cooked me a tortilla as well as sausage wrapped in chicken wrapped in pork (obsessed with Gordan Ramsey thanks Eduard). Food must have been the highlight of this trip because I actually dreamed of that tortilla that night.

And then came Kanan. KANAN. 4 years and countless countries later auditorium buddies reunite. That’s really the beauty of international schools is that, well, they’re so international. She goes to school in the UK, me in the U.S., both Japanese, meeting in Spain. I think that’s pretty cool. To top it off, I ran into a Swiss kid from Rollins on the back streets as well. Hundreds of miles away. What are the odds.

As you’d expect, we went to a super famous pastry shop called Escribá where we had white cheesecake, carrot cake, and Catalunya famous Catalan Creme. This version of creme brûlée has fruity undertones, cinnamon, and is less sweet making it even better than creme brûlée. The super cute waiter/creme-burner didn’t hurt either 😉

Finally, to all those who are doing/planning a Eurotrip, I highly recommend BlaBlaCar. It’s a ridesharing app that’s super cheap and economical. From Barcelona to France was my first time using it and it’s really safe and cheap (music to a broke college kids ears). 


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