The Playhouse

You know deserts that still have plants? Like what I imagine Nevada to look like (minus Vegas). That’s my first reaction of Ibiza. So all in all I guess it is kind of like Nevada because it’s kinda desert-y with crazy parties in certain areas.

The trees are not greener, the air is not fresher, and the flowers are not brighter (although the ocean is bluer). The trees on the hills are a dull olive/brown hue, especially in contrast to the (artificially watered) plants lining the road.

All the clubs are spread out across the desert in the middle of nowhere. It’s like, “will I get chopped up by a serial killer and buried in the desert outside Amnesia or just have a wicked night out? We’ll see.”

First night there I’m already on the VIP list at El Paradis as Erika Sanchez. I was definitely asleep until like midnight (surprise surprise) so I was not feeling it when I walked over. Once I got to the door and assumed the identity of Erika Sanchez though things got a little better because the setup of this place was dope. Huge colosseum dancefloor in the middle and five bars (that I counted), surrounded by a balcony and walkways for dancers (and later saxophonists) above the main floor.

Then things got a little dull again with such repetitive techno music, until I met a guy who told me that later a saxophonist comes on (he’s an Ibiza vet and definitely knew what was going on). Sure enough, out prances a girl in a peacock dress and a peacock headdress in a gigantic bird cage, saxophone in hand. It changed the night for sure, and you could feel the vibes change in the place. When Jubel came on I didn’t give a shit about anyone else, but simultaneously was very aware of how much everyone was loving it.

All in all it was a good night, but in hindsight nothing compared to Pacha.

Steve Aoki’s Playhouse at Pacha.

People are always saying that things are too “mainstream” and that techno/electronic music used to be this deep underground shit and mainstream has ruined. Go ahead and call Aoki mainstream because the man knows how to put on a show.

It was my first party at the world renown Pacha and I don’t think any club event ever can top this. Borgore opened (reminding me of seeing him backstage at Ultra), and then Steve Aoki (Japan representt), and finally the well awaited 3 Are Legend (aptly named).

The mixture of a club and a concert made it so that I was watching/dancing second row, and definitely made eye contact (I threw up a peace sign just to be sure). Apparently Aoki just had vocal surgery and cancelled the first couple Playhouses so this was  opening night of Steve Aoki’s Playhouse at Pacha, which just made everything 10 times wilder.

I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about whether I get lonely, and how going out alone, eating alone and drinking alone must suck. It really doesn’t suck at all, I prefer it. Although that’s a whole other topic, going to this alone and being able to dance and feel the music without (almost) any interruptions made it so much better. Making new friends is also a ton easier when you don’t have to worry about keeping track of 2 other drunk girls. Just saying.

If you’ve been to an Aoki concert and didn’t get caked, did you really go?

Thank god for being in the second row for the best part of the whole event: being drenched in various drinks/foods. Champagne showers all around (and you know that’s some good champagne), Grey Goose shots poured from the DJ booth, and last but not least being caked. By the end I smelt like a birthday party gone horribly wrong (or right.. depends what kind of night you want). In case anyone’s wondering, it takes exactly two 30 minute showers to try to get frosting out of your hair.

There’s nothing I can say that describes the magnitude of this party, and the energy that people had. I guess that’s music at it’s finest.


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