Birthday B*tch

I have the privilege of being able to spend birthdays in exotic places. There’s a pro and a con to that.

Pro: I spend my birthday in exotic places.

Con: I can’t remember the last time I spent it with friends.

Last year was in Koh Phi Phi and I didn’t (and still don’t) think anything could top that. This year was Ibiza, which is pretty crazy to say the least.

Since I’m a lazy girl at heart, I didn’t want to do anything to crazy on account I was still mentally and physically recovering from Pacha. So I toured Ibiza town, the castle, and most importantly Playa D’en Bossa.

The castle overlooks both the town, Plays d’en Bossa, as well as the port, which makes for exquisite views and stunning photos. It’s a good ways up but you can see all the coral hundreds of meters down. The water is clear to say the least.

My version of “partying on my birthday” was supposed to be a day party at Ushuaïa (read: lounging around listening to music with a margarita in hand). Before I could do that, I got stopped by a guy.

Now, you learn pretty quick to ignore all cat calls, “aaaay guapa”s, and kissing noises. It happens to anything with a pulse (literally watched a grandma be hit on). However something made me stop (him being Brazilian and hot..?)

Long story short, he invited me to ride with the guys on jet skis for free. Silly me, I thought this shit was gonna be easy. NOPE. Couldn’t even keep the damn thing straight cos I have weak wrists (is that even a thing?). However, when they drove it it’s a completely different world. Literally flying. Caught a good meter and a half of air, and then seeing Ibiza from the sea is a whole other thing in itself.

Ended up going out drinking, which definitely was not the plan but resulted in the best mojitos I’ve had (other than Yagi-san’s of course).
Moral of the story: I should’ve taken the job offer to sell tickets in Ibiza and stayed.


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