Into Forbidden Territory 

Although I was forbidden to go to Morocco, it was something that needed to happen. A part of me knew that I had to take the calculated risk. 

Ends up, it wasn’t a risk at all. 

Western media portrays the Middle East as evil and destructive. There’s no doubt that evil exists in some parts of the Middle East and within some Arabic people. That being said, that doesn’t mean by any means that the Islamic people as a whole are evil, or as Americans like to call them, “terrorists”. Christianity had the KKK, does that mean that all Christians are racist? I sure hope not. 

It is naive and downright single-minded to think that the Middle East is a place to avoid. Sure, maybe avoid Syria right about now but Moroccans (and people of other Middle Eastern countries I’m sure) are beautiful, and you’ll be missing out on some of the most intricate interior design this side of the Atlantic Ocean. 
I had a Moroccan take me into his home to meet his family, where his 60 year old mother cooked me some of the best spicy rice I’ve had (unfortunately I forgot the name of it) with achai (tea). After, he took me on a two hour hike to a place hidden from even the locals with a breathtaking views and the cleanest air I’ve breathed. As I’m sitting on the ferry back to Spain the man who works at the Kiosk shared his home-cooked lunch with me so I could try one last Moroccan dish before I officially leave Morocco. 

Morocco was absolutely gorgeous and I regret only being able to see Tangier (I have to make it to Ibiza before my birthday!). Tangier Medina is the old part of town that is preserved in its history- and it was my favorite for that reason. The smell of oranges and spices waver through the streets, all the way into the one-person alleyways. Burkas more colorful and silky than Jasmine’s. 5DH calientes on every corner. Fresh produce lining the streets and Arabic haggling you can’t understand. People praying towards Mecca in the park. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss, especially not because of some silly biased CNN “journalism”. 


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