Jamon with a side of Exercise

I’m back bitches.

And this time I’m taking Europe victim.

First day in Madrid I walked around the city for nine hours just soaking it all up. For anyone who even remotely knows me, you know that exercise is not my thing and that walking for nine hours might as well be torture. But I did it and have the aching muscles to prove it. From el Palacio de Cristal to el Palacio Real I’ve seen it all. From Chueca to Legazpi I’ve walked all the neighborhoods. I’ve even cultured myself with museums and exhibitions across the city.

But halfway through I had to stop, and what better to do than to eat my first jamon sandwich.


Ugh I don’t know why people here don’t weigh a thousand kilos because in my first three days here I must have eaten a whole animal between the amount of chorizo, jamon, and salchichon I’ve eaten. The rest of my day consisted of stopping into any and all tiendas de jamon that I could find and sitting at the fountain in Puerta de Sol to people watch.

Although jamon was hands-down the highlight of the day, el Palacio de Cristal was majestic af. While wondering the park, I saw something glistening catch my eye (as corny as that sounds). It had restricted tape around it but thank god I ignored it because inside what looks to be a greenhouse was an Arabian exhibition of tapestries that opened up into the lake. It was the perfect place to hold a wedding (if you’re into that sort of thing).

But getting lost on the streets of Gran Via and Calle Montera were nothing compared to the enormity of the Palacio Real/Catedral de la Almudena/Jardines de Sabatini combo. If the Spanish know anything (besides jamon) it’s how to make architecture, because boy oh boy was this a grand structure. Imma let it speak for itself:


So I’ve decided that I’m going to say yes to almost everything (within reason). When’s the last time you did something noteworthy after declining an offer? Never. So when I was asked to caddy for a friend, I said yes. He took me to the most amazing golf course outside of Madrid and to the Lomas Bosque Golf Club cocktail party afterwords where I definitely spoke broken Spanish the whole time with some assistance from the free wine and paella. For not speaking Spanish in 4 years, it comes out more fluently than expected (..thanks alcohol?).

After learning to cook paella and pisto, I’m now off to Sevilla.


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