Bucket List: Europe Version

Go ahead and play this (my current obsession) before you start reading. You’ll get into the same mood I’m in

I feel obligated to start with wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving even though a) I don’t like turkey and b) we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Japan. That being said, I like the idea of everyone coming together to sit at the dinner table (without technology) and share a meal that everyone helped cook. In my four years in college, I’ve spent every single Thanksgiving at a different place with different people.

Our generation is slowly losing appreciation of how family dinners can really bond people together. It’s something that I only had occasionally in my household, and I’m not going to lie when I’m invited into someone else’s home to witness family dinners, it’s a warming and intimate experience.

All that being said, Thanksgiving means winter is approaching. Meaning the winter holidays are coming up, meaning us seniors only have one more semester standing between us and graduation. Horrifying, I know. As much as I try to avoid the thought of it, I guess my future is something that needs addressing. What do I want for my future? Big surprise: traveling. One dear friend of mine has donated his frequent flyer miles to me allowing me to backpack one last time this summer before I choose a place to (temporarily) call my home. I’ve already made a bucket list: Asia ver. so here goes the Europe ver.

Comment & let me know where else should be on my bucket list or whats on yours!

Gruner Sea, Tragöß (Green Lake), Styria, Austria.

In the spring, the water melts from the surrounding mountains to engulf the park surrounding the lake. It creates a real-life underwater town where people scuba dive. enhanced-buzz-wide-14043-1406812882-7

Hallstatt, Austria.

The oldest village still inhabited in Europe. Home to 1000 people.

Hallstatt, Austria 2

Gullfoss, Iceland.


Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Iceland.

I wouldn’t mind suffering in the cold to watch the Northern Lights twinkle above these icebergs.


Gullfoss, The Golden Falls, Iceland.

Day 213 : Gullfoss (Golden Falls), Iceland

Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland.


Oia, Santorini, Greece.

So what if this is a #basic bucket list destination? Transportation by donkey sipping wines from the local vineyard always sounds like a good time for me. Not to mention the total Instagram-worthy views. Oia, Santorini

 Kokkinias Beach, Greece.


The Meteora Monasteries, Thessaly, Greece.


Alberobello, Italy.


Cinque Terre, Italy.


Lake Garda, Trentino, Italy.


The Lavender Fields, Provence, France.


Corsica, France.


Mallorca, Spain.


Toledo, Spain.

After everyone came back from their study abroad, I had a whole ton of recommendations from everyone who had just spent the last 15 weekends galavanting around Europe. This is one such recommendation.


Cappadocia, Turkey.


Pamukkale, Turkey.


Chemins des Vignes, Martigny, Switzerland.


Alps, Switzerland.

Alpenglow light illuminates the snow-filled valley of Griessental, February. 

Freetown Christiania, Denmark.

A self-governing hippie subsection of Copenhagen.


Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.

Is this even real? UNESCO World Heritage Site & populated by rare birds and wolves. Yes please.



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