The kings and queen

I’m sad even writing this blog post.

In the morning, we did all our speeches which, like always, was kinda awkward.

Later that day we went to an orphanage to play with kids for a couple hours. I sat with a group of older kids who were playing concentration. One boy was almost completely fluent, and he claimed to be the teacher. The other girls were definitely less talkative than the boy, but I did find out that they were all from Bon’s Akha tribe and spoke at least three different languages. Impressive.

I packed up my massive bags and got Tom to help me with them. There was a lot of denial going on internally that moment when we started saying goodbyes. I said goodbye to all the new people and a few old familiar faces as well. The new intake is pure hearted and they’re gonna be good. I’m glad to have met them.

Of course Tom and Blake are last. The second I turn to face them I’m already teary eyed and I can see that Tom is too. It literally felt like I was a Queen leaving Kings. We had more good times than I can count, and got through the jungle hangovers and drunken hazes together. I’m hugging Tom (all physical contact phobias are out the window by this point) and neither of us is letting go. It sucks making such good friends and not knowing when you can see them next. Not that I’m worried that we won’t keep in touch. Snapchats was made for selfie whores like us. Then I turn to Blake and he makes some joke about not having shoes on. I’ve never laughed more than I have with this guy. I also wouldn’t have been so comfortable in the jungle if not for him. Definitely wouldn’t be hiking up rocks and sliding down waterfalls without him.

Before I know it the three of us are hugging and it’s a perfect beautiful movie moment. 

It’s time to go and I don’t dare look back at them ‘cos even though I’m not normally a crier, I knew I was going to cry if I looked back. Tenzin and Blake are imitating the Patack children, and before we set off in the truck, we’re all blowing kisses and mouthing our last “miss you” and “love you” and “keep in touch”.

I’ve been through a lot of shit this year, but this was one of the hardest things.


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