The last of the last

   Tom and my last day at Mirror.

   We were all feeling the remnants of tequila from the night before, so breakfast was interesting. Although I genuinely did want to try outdoor work, today was not the day to start. Doug himself said that there were already too many people working outdoors and we wouldn’t really be much help, so Blake and I decided to stay in, play checkers/connect four, and talk. I don’t know how the others did outdoor work that day.

   Between that and cleaning up my burn (yes, it’s still infected and yes, Blake did all the cleaning because I’m incompetent and he’s clearly my knight in shoeless shining armor), it was already lunch time. Nobody did work in the afternoon, so we all sat around the wifi room chilling. Jeremy and I talked a lot during that time, and we discussed different family structures. Boy was I surprised. I still can’t wrap my head around families who sit down and eat dinner together everyday. I’m quite envious. Christian, Melissa, and the perfection that is Tom also joined us. Before long we were playing President (大富豪) and waiting for Christian to become pres. 

   After dinner, we all went to the temples of Buddhist Day. I had seen enough temples so I was more focused on saying goodbye to Ro. We were hanging out, and went inside to go pray together and I taught her the procedures that Buddhists go through. I may not be religious but I live in a Buddhist country so I know this stuff. We convinced Doug and Bon to let us go to the market to drop Ro off and get apples for Curt who was feeling sick. 

   Saying bye to Ro sucked, even though I was going to see her in two months and live with her this next school year. We had spent two months together in third world countries, it was definitely special. But I knew that the hardest goodbyes were going to be the next day. 

   After we delivered the apples to Curt, Tom and I went to go sit on the steps across from the volleyball court. Funny enough, it was where we sat with Lucy the first day of orientation too. It was bittersweet and neither one of us wanted to think about how hard tomorrow was going to be. We kinda just sat there leaning on each other, watching the lightening dance around the mountains. 


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