Tequila and Waves

The new intake came in this week. Which meant that it was some of our last week.

As per usual, we took them all out to Coconuts to show them how it’s done at Mirror. As a welcome as well as a goodbye, I was determined for things to get weird tonight with lots and lots of alcohol. I had never drank more than one drink at Coconut’s any other Friday. But today was special. We got there and within the first 30 minutes I had gotten Blake, Tom, and Drazen to do tequila shots with me. Yup, it was going to be that kind of night. I knew it even before we left Mirror.

Each tequila shot, we got more people to join us and by the end, there were probably about 12 of us doing shots including the British guy who owned the bar. “Yeah”, he said,  “I’ll do tequila shots with you. My wife and daughter are out of town so I don’t have to go home for anyone.” Perfect. An hour and a half in and we’ve taken 6 tequila shots and I’m feeling perfect. There was a lot of spilt tequila and tequila going down the wrong pipes. Watching Tom and Blake laugh/squirm themselves into recovery was reason enough never to laugh whilst drinking a shot. The photo above perfectly describes the night: Chang, baht, tequila, and my two favorite guys. As Tom put it,

It quickly escalated when Erika was pushing tequila. Tequila on a weekday. A weekday.

Tom and I sat in the bar holding hands (I think, I can’t quite remember everything clearly), a sure sign of how far we have come on the physical contact front. Or maybe it was just a sign of how close we were. Talking about how well we’ve done getting all the new intake to drink lots, how far we’ve come, and how many memories we shared. The guy who owns the bar even gave us free drinks for our last week there, and I got the Coconut original Bombay Milkshake. Periodically we got interrupted by people asking when we had to go home, but we kept on brushing it off to that mystical time “later”. They were worried about curfew, but it was our last night and their first night, so we weren’t about to go home early. We calmed them by saying telling them to blame it on us if Nikki caught any of us going home late. It was our last day and there was nothing she could do to us anyway.

It was the first time that I really got to know the new volunteers. Everyone sheds a layer of skin when they’re at a bar and I felt like I got to see what some people were really like in a non-Nikki based setting. It was a shame I had to leave the next day, but I guess that’s what we signed up for.

There was a lot of dancing, a lot of darts, a lot of Waves, and a lot of drunken viber calls made.  

   It couldn’t have been a more perfect last night out if we tried.  

It’s also Jeny’s birthday, so of course she drinks like it’s her job. As a result she vomits on herself on the songtao ride back. (If you’re reading this Jeny, I’m not even sorry haha it was proof of a well spent birthday and pretty hilarious afterwords). I’m in the other songtao riding on the back, realizing that this is my last songtao ride for a while…

That night (and my two months of volunteering) couldn’t have ended more beautifully.


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