My oh Pai

   The next day, Tom, Billie and Hayley got on a bus to Pai while Blake and I hopped on our scooter for our three hour journey to meet the gang in Pai. 

   Pai is this tiny little town in the northern hills of Thailand. It’s a hippie town full of backpackers with dreads, lots of weed, lots of shrooms, lots of reggae, and lots of love. I absolutely adore this town. 

   Taking the scooter was such a good idea. The route there is so scenic and it wasn’t that bad at all (other than my butt hurting a little). Much better than sitting on a bus for 3 hours. At the beginning of our trip we got lost in Chiang Mai, and a nice man at the gas station told us that he would take us where we needed to go. We followed him to the turn and the rest was a straight shot to Pai. Other than stopping for some bananas (which Blake traded for canned coffee), we didn’t stop. 

   The plan was to meet at the bus station at 11, which gave each of us a little over three hours to get there. If one of us was late we were to meet at a hostel that Curt recommended that was just down the road. Blake and I got to the station at 11:01 and couldn’t find them anywhere even though the people working at the station said that the bus already arrived and people had dispersed. We checked the hostel and they weren’t there either. So we rode around town for an hour trying to find them without luck. Finally, Blake suggested that we go to the waterfall without them and that we would find wifi when we got back to Pai and message them to meet up. I wasn’t feeling too great about leaving them, so I convinced him to ride around town one more time (near the bus station because there was no way Billie or Hayley would walk far with their backpacks). They weren’t there so off we went to the waterfall. 

   Now I see why people make such a big deal out of this whole nature thing. It was a three-tiered waterfall and it was absolutely gorgeous. We sunbathed on the rocks for a while and then hiked up further to where the waterfall began. I finally found the guts to slide down the waterfall fully aware that the water was freezing, but not before a Thai girl came up to us and showed us a picture of our scooter on her phone asking if it was ours. She gave us back our keys to our scooter because Blake left the keys in the scooter with all our shit there. 

   Sliding down the waterfall was the best thing I ever did (besides the tigers). I was climbing on rocks and through the jungle and sliding down rocks like Jane, all thanks to Tarzan (Blake). He’s used to this kind of stuff but here I am, this little city girl who’s never been in the jungle before. Absolutely nobody thought I could survive in the jungle but look at me now! 

   Blake didn’t want to slide down the waterfall (such a bad case of fomo…) so we went back to the bus station to find the threesome sitting in a cafe nearby. They had caught the wrong bus and ended up two hours away from Pai. Literally stuff like this would only happen to Tom. We were all pretty exhausted (and Hayley had been electrocuted two hours before) so we found a place to stay and they went to sleep while Blake and I found a neat bar to chill at. They had these great fruit smoothie cocktails for 80 baht (with some unknown Thai alcohol in it), chill music, and a nice place to lounge. Until more people came and the music starting pumpin’. 

   At that point we decided to leave but we weren’t exactly ready to go home either, so we cruised around on the scooter for a good hour. We go down this path three different times (Pai’s a small town) and there are dogs barking at us each time we go down the street. The third time, I tell Blake it’s the same dog street and we turn around before we got to all the dogs. Except one. 

   Mind you, scooters aren’t that easy to turn around. You need quite a lot of space that we didn’t have. So we had to back up and turn and repeat that a couple of times until we were facing the direction we came from. All the while I’m staring at this one dog who is staring at us the entire time. He gets this mean look in his eyes and I grab onto Blake as the dog charges at us growling and barking. The dog is chasing our scooter and I’m screaming at the top of my lungs… and so is Blake. I’ve never heard a guy scream the way he did at that moment. We’re shooting down empty local streets at 70km screaming at the top of our lungs until we’re at the other side of town. 

   That night Blake and I are lying in bed, and I have my leg up to put cream on my (infected) burn. Now at this point it has a yellowish, creamish colour and is all gooey and oozing. Pretty gross to say the least. Blake looks at it and goes “It looks like a cheese pizza”… Okay. We spent the rest of the night watching cat videos thanks to what Becca has posted on my wall throughout the year. (Everyone’s got to watch this video now it’spriceless:) 


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