Volunteering onsite

   This was my first week onsite, and I was thankful to be with a lot of the people in my intake. 

   It was the last week for a lot of volunteers, which was definitely something that none of wanted to think about. 

   The teaching while onsite is a joke. You don’t do anything for the majority of the day, which was kind of nice after two consecutive weeks offsite. That being said, I loved the hospital. I now see why Ro wants to start a school for terminally ill children. Although this wasn’t really teaching, it was such an amazing experience. We went to the Chiang Rai hospital for terminally ill children. A couple kids came in and out of the room at various times to join in our activities. 

   The room was fairly quiet and the children did not talk a lot. It was more about being there and doing activities to take their minds off of the pain. There was a mutual understanding that not much needed to be said, although one boy did want me to read an English book to him. It’s hard seeing children who you know won’t make it to high school. 

   That night at Mirror was actually a lot of fun. The night before, Blake had taught me how to play poker and tonight I was ready to play with a group of people in a high stakes game. Jungle crayon poker. Blake, Sam, Nacho, Annick, Tom and I all sat in the wifi room with 30 crayons each and played for a good hour and a half. By the end, I had all 180 crayons. One hundred and eighty crayons. Including the sparky purple crayon that Blake won from Annick and oh so kindly gave to me. That’s friendship right there. 

   That sparky purple crayon was worth ten crayons. So one hundred and ninety crayons. Might as well have been ruling Thailand with all that flow.

   On Saturday, a ton of people left. Shit sucked. 

   I know she’s not mentioned a ton in my blog so far, but Lucy is an absolute Gem. My northern monkey. She’s this kickass meets super loving girl from Newcastle, but she was doing outdoor work so I didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with her as I would have liked. She was very adamant on fixing my ‘no physical contact problem’ and was quick to touch and give out hugs, and surly enough by the end I was giving her goodbye hugs without a problem. 

   Same with Donovan. Donovan and I had a thing going- we were besties. Whether I was in line for food or at Coconut’s playing darts, whenever we raised our crossed fingers we just knew. It was some Hunger Games shit. I couldn’t look at Donovan without laughing for no particular reason. He was probably laughing at me ‘cos he thought I was super weird but oh well. I’ll take it. After all, we were Jay-Z and Beyonce but white and Asian. 

   Nacho was this Venezuelan living in Paris studying abroad in Singapore. He was trilingual and was the same person in every language, it was quite amazing. He, like Lucy, was working outdoors so I didn’t see him too often but it was nonstop banter with this one. 

   The other Tom from England was great fun. Couldn’t love the two Toms more. Definitely will go see him if I’m ever in the UK.

   Sam.. oh the quarter Japanese Sam. His dancing was my favorite thing to watch. It’s better than Netflix. Also, for someone who’s only a quarter Japanese he’s got Asian glow like nobody’s business. 

   Then there’s Amelia and Janet, a mother-daughter combo from Cali. The sweetest people, and Janet became the mother of the group. All my layovers to Japan are in LAX so I guess I’ll just stay there for a couple of days and surf with Amelia. 

   Ugh I hate goodbyes. Going to an international school you would think I would be better at this. NOPE. 


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