King and Queen of Chiang Mai

   After Zoe in Yellow we all head out to the after-hours club called Spicy’s (the name should give you a clue about what kind of place it is). We all continued to party there. There’s something about Thailand that makes you party like you’ve never partied before. Ask any of my friends at Rollins, I hate going out to clubs. I did that when I was in high school in Japan and got it out of my system. My body can’t handle staying out past 3 (oh how old I feel…). But Thailand brought new energy (that I may even bring back to Rollins Meli!). 

   Spicy’s is kinda underground-ish so you have to enter through what looks like a garage. You don’t hear the thumping music or anything- you would never know it was a club unless you knew where you were going. We go in and continue partying the night away, which included starting limbo on the dance floor. Spicy’s shut down around 3 (to be honest I have no concept of time in Thailand haha) and Curt, Gabby, Blake and I headed to Burger King for some drunchies. I have never spent so long ordering food. I’m indecisive enough as it is, and I don’t eat fast food so Blake had to recommend what was good. 

   Have you ever tried to drunkenly order in a foreign language? Well, it’s pretty hard to say the least. I’m not kidding Blake and I stood at the counter for a good 15 minutes deciding/trying to communicate. When we finally ordered and paid, they informed us that the ice cream machine was out of order.. never have I been so heartbroken. So I got a regular drink instead of a milkshake, and then something with the money was off (which thankfully Blake handled). By the time Blake and I got our food Curt and Gabby were already finished. But I insisted that they gave us Burger King crowns, so at least I had that going for me. That night we were King and Queen of Chiang Mai.

   Curt is this super mountainy laid back guy from Ohio who has this snowboard/skiing shop up in the mountains. He’s super chill and I like him a lot (plus he’s coming to tky in August!). Well, Curt was gone and not up to entertain my desire to continue partying. I guess I was persistent enough that Blake finally gave in and agreed to keep on partying. Where? We weren’t really sure.. it was past national curfew so nothing was supposed to be open. 

   Curt and Gabby left and we met these kids from Manchester who Blake befriended immediately (no surprise). He might as well be a salesperson for Krabi because he recommends and sells it to every backpacker we talk to. We walk outside completely clueless as to where we’re going. We decide to walk up the street and we find two Thai guards sitting by (what looked to us) like a castle. I guess asking them for pictures was the next logical decision so we took ten minutes to get pictures with our crowns and the guards. One of them even gave me his shield and weapon thingy to hold in the picture! Needless to say the old one loved us. 

   Continuing our journey, I stop a ladyboy on a scooter and ask where the after-after-hours bar is. She points us down the street and tells us to go to “Good Morning Bar”. So we do. We stop a random person on a scooter and ask if he’ll let us hitch a ride down the street. In hindsight, the driver with two drunks on the back of a scooter probably wasn’t the best idea. We decided to hop off the scooter after what seemed like 300 meters and thanked the guy. 

   We ask a group of young Thais where this bar was and they pointed us to the right direction. We get right outside the bar when I look down to my leg which has been hurting a little bit since I got off the bike. I have a circular burn the the size of an orange on my leg. I have no idea what this is from, but apparently it was an exhaust burn from the scooter and it happens fairly often. Blake sobers up and offers to take me home and clean me up with the first aid kit he has in his bag. My response? “We’re already at the bar there’s no way in hell we’re going home now! I’ll be fine.” Probably not the best of all decisions but we were King and Queen of Chiang Mai and nothing was going to stop me. 

   Good Morning Bar was nothing special, just a place to hang out after every other bar closed. When you’re a westerner in a foreign Asian country, the westerners all befriend each other immediately. A couple guys came and went from our table and we met quite some characters. There was the guy who saw me taking care of my burn and told me that he got and exhaust burn and had to surgically remove skin from his arm to heal his leg burn. Definitely not something to tell a drunken injured girl. This is the first time I’m freaking out about this burn and thankfully Blake shuts the guy up realizing that it probably wasn’t the best thing to tell me at the particular moment. However, this guy did convince me to go to Pai the next weekend instead of coming back to Chiang Mai. 

   Two different fights broke out between some guys while we were there. People intervened and were able to stop any punches being thrown, which was pretty disappointing seeing as I’ve never seen a fight before and I was kinda looking forward to one. But there was a Muay Thai fighter there to break up any potential fights. He was super cool and we talked to him for a while. I’ll never forget Blake going “Muay Thai? That’s the *eek eeep eeek eeeeeeeeee* thing!” while I just looked at him horrified that such a sound came out of him hahaha. There was also this Canadian guy who lived in Shinjyuku and Motomachi for a couple years. That’s my neck of the woods so I was super excited because I was able to talk to him about my home, which made me a little less homesick. This guy knew Why Not and even designed the logo for it, his kid is the same age as me and went to St. Maur so he must be in one of my yearbooks. Such a small world. Then he ended the conversation with “I don’t really like Yokohama”. Um, sir you can leave now. 

   As I’m up to get some water this asshole sits in my seat. Drunk out of his mind. So I go sit on Blake’s side of this table as this guy is talking some bullshit. “That’s a nice little present Santa left for you man”. Um sir you can leave too. Bye. When we did ask him to leave on account that we had to plan our trip to Pai, he flipped out like a drunken サラリーマン. Thankfully the Muay Thai fighter was nearby and promised to keep an eye on the guy. 

   Around 6am we decided to leave. We definitely bonded that night as King and Queen, and every time I see my to-be scar on my leg I’ll remember this night. As we were walking, Blake brought up how every single person makes a comment about how I couldn’t possibly be Japanese. “Where are you really from?” “But you don’t sound Japanese.. You don’t have an accent.” “Did you grow up in America?”. No people, I was born and raised in Japan (for the most part). I promise. You need me to say something in Japanese to prove it? Konnichiwa.

   In all honesty I wouldn’t have it any other way though. Being a halfie is something that I am so proud of, and it has opened so many doors for me and led to some really unique experiences biculturally. 

  Anywho, as we were walking back the Muay Thai fighter comes up on his scooter and offers to give us a ride home! How sweet! So we hop on (careful not to get burned again) and head home, where Blake gives fixes up my burn like the sweetheart that he is. As I’m going to sleep I can feel ooze dripping down my leg.. ew. 


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