Casual tiger encounters

   Debrief the next morning was an interesting one. Seems like Blake and I weren’t the only ones who had crazy nights. Some took a ride in coked-out-Steve-Aoki-look-alike’s car, some did 6 lines of crystal meth, and others were too drunk to function. It seemed like the night was a drunken haze to a lot of us.

   Exhausted, sweaty, and (Tom was) slight hungover, we got a van to visit the tigers. We’ve heard that these tigers were drugged up, and it was morality battle. Guess animal rights aren’t at the top of my list. Tom, Billie, Hayley, and Niamh decided to make a trip up for some amazing selfies. The trip up was all talk about “do you think they’re really drugged?”, “this is going to be my next profile picture”, and “I hope nothing happens to us.. knowing Tom it would be you to get eaten”. 

   We hired a professional photographer to take pictures of us. What a brilliant idea it was. They captured the moment when we first encountered a tiger and the pure fear on our faces. Have you ever been face to face with a 100+kg tiger? Yeah, it’s scary as f. I was tempted to ask how many causalities they have per year but realized it was probably better not to know. That’s probably why they had us sign wavers giving up the right to sue them if anything happens to us. I mean, what are the keepers going to do with a little pointy needle thing if the tiger actually decides to eat you? The needle ain’t gonna do shit. 

   You see, tigers are my favorite land animal. They’re beautiful and oh so strong. I was beyond excited to be able to touch and play with one. So of course I’m the first one to go lie with the tiger.. “put hand and leg over tiger. Cuddle tiger! Closer closer.” Umm.. sir I really don’t want to piss off a sleeping tiger. I guess when in Thailand…

   We all grow more confident (still terrified shitless though) and we cuddle him and kiss him and somewhat try to play with him. I guess we were confident enough to line up with our backs to the tiger to get selfies with it. I sat in the path of where one was walking and got some amazing pictures. Watching them walk, you can really see their muscles moving as they walk and you can just tell how strong they are. We got some amazing pictures and it was definitely one of the coolest things i’ve ever done. I crossed something off my bucket list that I never knew was on there. I recommend it to anybody in Chiang Mai. Oh, and take me with you when you go ‘cos I definitely want to do it again.


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