Ladyboys with the King and Queen of Selfies

   This weekend in Chiang Mai has to be split up into two parts. 

   This was our first weekend as a whole Mirror Foundation group and boy, it was a good one. We were dropped of at the Chiang Rai bus station as always, and took a 3 hour bus to Chiang Mai. We all stayed in the same guesthouse so we all ended up going to the same place. Zoe (Washington DC), Angie (French), Laura (New Zealand), Jeny (NY), Annick (Switzerland), Sam (LA), Ellen (UK), Niamh (Scottish), Elie (German), Tom, Billie, Hayley and I went to the Chiang Mai Night Market Ladyboy Show. It’s something that everyone has to do it. Entry is buying a drink for 100 baht and you get to see the entire hour long interactive show. 

   Of course, Disaster Man Tom was grabbed by the ladyboys who came down and dance and sung amongst the crowd. I don’t know whether this makes it better or worse, but you definitely couldn’t tell that some of them were dudes. I guess this is why all those wealthy Cali women come to Thailand to get work done. I mean, some of these ladyboys were hot– I wished I looked like them. 

   Then we met up with the rest of the gang at Zoe in Yellow, which is where all the tourists go for a night out with lots of buckets. Those buckets in Koh Phi Phi were also up here and I couldn’t be more thrilled. When I mention buckets you know what kind of night it’s going to be. I’m gonna be super loving and everyone’s gonna be having a great time. 

   The selfie song came on and of course Tom and I went apeshit. You see, him and I are the King and Queen of Selfies at Mirror. Nobody takes as many as we do and we have a little selfie marriage. Tom and I are actually the same person from two different countries. We both absolutely hate physical contact, we love selfies, and we might be a tad judgemental. Our brains are for sure on the same wavelength. Making friends like this that live across the world really makes me want to push funding on teleportation. 


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