Lost in Transportation

   I’ve hung out with 10 year old boys who ride mopeds to schools, seen almost 20 people to a car, and come back in sang taos with people on the roof and hanging out the back. 

   There are no regulations regarding transportation safety. I absolutely love riding back to the Foundation drunk on top of a tuk-tuk or a sang tao, or hanging onto a stranger riding around town, or riding with fellow volunteers on the back of a pickup to the hillside Akha tribe. 

   Its amazing how chill and laid back people are in Thailand regarding traffic and just generally. That’s why I love it here so much, because there’s no pressure, no worries, and everybody does whatever they want to do on their own time. It’s not like the U.S where everything revolves around capitalism/money, and people are always in competition with each other. In my opinion, that’s why there’s no pressure here because of the lack of capitalism and mass consumerism. 

   Maybe us “first world countries” should learn a thing or two. 


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