“These two? They’re my sisters. So what if one’s Latina and the other Asian. Haven’t you seen adopted siblings before? We adopted her from Bangkok. That’s where I live now. Doing what? I’m a masseuse who sells lollies.

So ends our island hopping with Josh conning some drunken French dude. We see smatterings of little islands from our plane, and the clear line of where the water turns from turquoise to deep blue. After being in Sri Lanka for three weeks I was really looking forward to being back in a large city. I was becoming anxious without the lights, cement, and the constant buzz of people. I don’t know if I oversold it to myself in my head or what, but Bangkok was such a disappointment. Not impressed.

That being said, Ro and I were staying in a proper hotel as per her suggestion. We had hot water, a toilet where we could flush toilet paper, complimentary toilet paper, and even AC. We were living like royalty for the next two nights! I’m sitting balled up in the shower for a good hour just soaking up the hot water til Ro bangs on the door.

Bangkok day 1: the Royal Palace and the Emerald Buddha. You would think that if a temple is called the Emerald Buddha then there would be a massive statue of, well, an Emerald Buddha. Nope, this Buddha was probably the size of my face, if that. It was miniscule. Such a disappointment. At least the temple itself was gorgeous, which kind of made up for it. I’ve never seen more gold and gems used in one place. Yeah, if only my next boyfriend would build me a house like this temple.. a girl can dream.

That night we found an ice cream/gelato buffet and decided to skip dinner and go straight to dessert (because, duh). The stomachache was so worth it. After dinner Ro went home and I went to the bars to have a drink. About to walk into a bar, I only saw white middle aged men with Thai women.. and looked up to see a neon lit stripper pole on top of the bar I was going into. Umm.. I’ll pass, no matter how good the stories would have been. The thing was, nobody was looking at me like I didn’t belong. Maybe because I’m Asian too..? I don’t even want to think about it.


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