Finding Nemo

I’m a scuba bitch now, people.

Not only was I able to do it in one of the most beautiful places, I also did it on my birthday. And it’s become an obsession. We went on two different dives along Viking Cave and Maya Bay. The current was stronger than the pool that I had practiced in, which was definitely an adjustment. But once you get the hang of it it’s all smooth sailing.

Β It’s literally a whole other world below the waves. When you’re part of the ocean, sea creatures aren’t scared of you and they won’t run away. I swam with turtles, eels, shrimp, crabs, and zillions of different types of fish. Unfortunately there were no jellyfish or manta rays (my favorites) but that wasn’t too much of a disappointment considering everything else I got to do. There was a concrete wreck that had coral and different creatures living around it, and we passed several schools of fish so populated that I could barely see my hand when I stretched it out.

When you’re diving, the only sound you hear is your breathing from the regulator and bubbles. It makes you very aware that your life is connected to this one device, yet in an unexpected way it’s very calming. It is literally just you, your breathing, and the ocean.

You can’t talk to anyone. If you do choose to go down with someone you know, no words can be exchanged. It’s one of those moments where you just have to be in the moment without anything else getting in the way. It’s an experience like none other. Something that everyone should have a chance to experience.


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