Drunken tattoos

Warning: during the day, not hungover, feeling great, is not the optimal time to decide to book a boat tour for the next morning. I learned the hard way.

We sat and talked to a girl who was a simple Australian girl who had come to the island on vacation and decided to stay. The job she got wasn’t anything special nor did it require a set of special skills. But it paid enough to survive on an island. Girl was living the life. Sitting at a desk 9 to 3 chatting people up, and then go down to the beach and party all night.

I guess part of the territory of living on a party island is that you’re inevitably going to make some drunken mistakes. Bitch got a drunken tattoo that looked like a troll. She’s claiming it’s a “tropical infection” to everyone and bandaging it up. Probably best until she can get it removed whenever she goes back to Australia. What a life.

 I’ve realized that if I had gone on this volunteering trip before starting college, I probably would’ve quit college and wwoofed across the world. Thank god I did this in my junior year. (Sidenote: for all who haven’t considered it: http://www.wwoof.net/)

I was feeling great in the morning. No hangover from the night before, and super excited to see the islands. Until I remembered (too late) that I get seasick. I have never felt so sick in my entire life. Thankfully the fish were being well fed and everyone else got to enjoy the massive amounts of fish that were surrounding our banana boat. Talk about me hating people, I hated everyone in existence in that moment.

The tour included Maya Bay, Monkey Island, Shark Island, and Bamboo Island amongst others. Snorkeling in Maya Bay was absolutely breathtaking. The water reminded me of when I used to live in Fiji. You could see the fish way at the bottom and play with the ones closer to the surface. What I would have done not to have felt sick the entire time. I ended up sleeping on the boat the entire ride to the islands, and decided to skip Monkey Island (as we’ve established before, monkeys are evil creatures sent from hell).

Bamboo Island was swarmed with Asian tourists. Being Asian myself, I get to make fun of them. They all had their cameras and were taking a million photos in their pink ruffled bikinis flashing the peace sign. Oh Asians. 


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