My little paradise: Koh Phi Phi

   Koh Pi Pi: Land of beautiful backpackers and nonstop fun.

   Koh Pi Pi is so beautiful it looks fake. It’s one of those Instagram pics you see SanLorenzo Bikinis post with the caption “tag someone who you wish was here with you” or “(some Russian/Brazilian sounding name) in our Summer2014 Fantasy Collection”. The water is 18 shades of turquoise blue/green, and jumping into it blindly was a mistake ‘cos it was definitely deeper than it looked (clarity is deceiving).

   The people are the friendliest and know how to party like nobody’s business. Those nerdy Asian stereotypes might be true, but boy do we know how to let off steam after. Drunken tattoos and bad decisions are routine even during the off season.

   Having alcohol in children’s sand buckets definitely fucked with my head. Here’s what went on in my head: sand buckets =  children. Children = innocent. Innocent = weak drinks. Weak drinks = I’ll be fine. It’s 5% ice, 75% alcohol, 20% chasers and are 150 baht a piece, so to say the least it’s not a children’s drink. Our first night was the night leading up to my 21st birthday, so we check out the beach party scene. Oh, and did I mention that I’m pretty sure red bull in Thailand has coke in it. Or speed.

   Bucket in hand, I was ready for the wild festivities.

   Not even halfway through my first bucket I jump up, chug my bucket, and go limbo. Oh, did I mention that this wasn’t any normal limbo- this limbo stick was lit up in flames. Little did I know that each time you play with fire they give you free shots… and those become double shots if it’s your birthday. (4 deep).

   Super confident in my fire-play skills, I decide to jump through a flaming hoop of fire next. I won’t lie, that liquid courage was probably a biiiiiiiig part of this decision. I was fine until the third or fourth time when I got cocky and asked them to raise the hoop higher. I made it through the hoop fine and assumed that people around me were congratulate me.. nope. The tips of my hair had caught on fire. The adrenaline rush was sooo worth burnt tips though. (6 deep).

  I grab a guy to go limbo with me. This is Stephen (who will later catch on fire because of me). Ro starts talking with the other guy (George), which works out perfectly because neither of them are drinking. After some successful limboing Stephen and I go back to Ro and George, who are freaking out. Who would have thought that we would run into another volunteer at the other tip of the country! Turns out that George is volunteering at Mirror Foundation as well and this was the last leg of their trip backpacking across Thailand. (8 deep).

   We said our goodbyes and see you laters and strolled down the beach for another bar with a dance scene instead of a fire scene. The judgement and competition that girls feel in clubs was definitely not there in Thailand. Everyone was friends and the more people you befriended the better. So we did. Marcela and Mariana were two Brazilian girls who we ruled the dance floor with til it was time to rejuvenate. (Lost count)


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