I’ve come to the conclusion that backpackers are some of the most interesting, cultured, adventurous, open-minded people in the world. 

   Sa-wat-dee-kah Thailand! 

   When in Patong, Bangala Road is where it’s at. That being said, I don’t see what all the Phuket hype is all about, but by all means I encourage all to make your own judgement about destinations.

   We rent our own mode of transportation for the first time since we embarked. Thankfully one of us has a driver’s license, and even better it’s the one of us that doesn’t drink (hint: it’s not me). We drive around Patong and Bangala road waving at people, making friends, and having way too many near-death-experiences. As the sun sets we settle at a low-key bar, where we make friends with two guys from Cali who up and quit their jobs to travel.

   We decided to bring Taco Tuesday to Phuket. We all cleaned up from the bikini tops, elephant pants, and sandy hair and met at the one Mexican restaurant on the island. Maybe Mexican on a random Thai island isn’t the best idea, but meh who cares. It ended up being a great idea with all-night margarita happy hour. As we were stumbling across live music, fireworks, and exchanging travel stories, Koh Phi Phi came up. 

   Upon the guys’ advisement, the next day we rode down to Surin beach, drank some cocktails with little umbrellas in them, then packed up our bags to ferry on over to Koh Phi Phi for the remainder of our trip instead of just going for just one day. That’s the beauty of backpacking: you only know where you’re staying for that night so you up and move at a moment’s notice. 


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