Kandy Krush Saga: Finale

   I had two goals on this trip photography-wise. A monk selfie and a cow selfie.


   When you grow up with a constant flow of people, but a scarcely any animals (aside from cats and pigeons), animals become a big deal. Florida’s got the lizards and squirrels, and I’ve been asked on more than one occasion whether I have a pet gator, but aside from that nothing much on the animal front. In Sri Lanka you don’t even have to pay to go to a zoo.  There are cows walking down the streets with you. It might be the best thing ever. They’re literally everywhere. Free milk for everyone! 

   Ro’s used to animals chillin’ on the street in the DR so she goes up to the cows like it’s no big deal. Me, on the other hand, I’ll barely get within spitting distance of the thing. I leave my hand out for it to sniff me and lean in semi-close to take a selfie even though I’m absolutely terrified at this point. I get the selfie, and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself until the damn thing decides to sneeze all over me and my phone… um not so fond of this particular cow. 

   I go back to Stephen (one of our coordinators) and ask him if we can milk the cow. He just stares at me. “It doesn’t have teets” HAHAHAHA. Don’t be fooled, I’m so disappointed that my dreams of home made icecream were crushed.

   As Captain drove us to Colombo (thank GOD we didn’t have to take the train again), we made a pit stop to meet a famous television producer. “You keep photograph and you go home and you Google him and you see him a big deal” . Cool. So all’s good and we’re taking pictures and saying goodbye when he leans in for (what I mistakenly think is) a kiss. To be fair, everyone in Sri Lanka bows or shakes hands.. they definitely do not kiss people on the cheeks like in European countries. So how was I supposed to know that this guy is trying to kiss my cheeks?! 

   I have never been more awkward in my entire life. I’m leaning back as this 40 year old man is leaning closer and closer.. and grabs my arm to pull me in and (thankfully) kisses my cheek. I have never been more nervous or uncomfortable. Ugh why am I so awkward. Awkward troll. 


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