Apocalyptic skies

   Whaddup Ambalangoda.

   The Captain saved 175 turtles for us to release at twilight as part of the Turtle Conservation Project. If you never seen 175 baby turtles waddle their way into the ocean, you haven’t lived yet. These teeny tiny animals fit into the palm of your hand. It’s amazing that something so small can survive in an ocean so big. It’s bittersweet knowing that most won’t survive, but at least we helped them survive thus far.

   The monkitos are beyond adorable (no surprise). They’re eager to learn and are very intelligent. It’s a struggle trying to communicate with the language barrier, but the older monks are eager to translate when necessary. During teatime, the head monk sang Sanskrit love songs and Singhalese poems to us as we ate our hoppers with chili paste. Have you been serenaded by a monk? Didn’t think so. 

   The Green Lion is on the water, so every night I get to fall sleep to the sound of the ocean. The sky looks like the apocalypse is coming, and the waves are taller than I am. It’s so beautiful.


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