Butterfly/rat/dog hybrids

   Let me tell you a story. 

   We got up at 3am (on four hours of sleep) to go to Ambalangoda. We had no food, no fans/AC, and no sleep. Fortunately for me, I was able to sleep for the first two hours of the trip. Unfortunately, I was woken up twice by a strange feeling on my feet but fell back asleep thinking it was a dream. 

   The third time I felt it I was awake, and it definitely had paws and fur. This is Sri Lanka we’re talking about, so in my head this is a rat-dog-butterfly hybrid that is scurrying across my feet (later I found out that it was indeed a rat and if bitten it gives you a skin disease that turns your skin funky colors..). Then these high school boys walk in with a bongo drum

   It is 6am and Emily and I are both starving (although lets be real, considering it was Em and I we were already hungery at 3am before our trip even began). Em (my soon-to-be-famous friend) is already delusional from hunger, heat stroke, and straight up hysteria. But when the boys began jamming out with their tambourines and bongos, she lost it. She starts climbing out the window of the train with her bug-bitten face only to be pushed back in by an old man forcing popcorn and water on her. At this point the guys next to us can’t contain their laughter. 

   A man walked in with a long thing object wrapped in newspaper. Any sane person would have seen it and immediately figured it to be an umbrella. Not me. It’s Sri Lanka, and with our luck I assumed it was a man holding rain stick coming to join the Ambalangoda train chant. 

   Five hours later, after being harassed by Sri Lankan men while I was trying to innocently enjoy the beach view, we arrived- sweaty, uncomfortable, and possibly needing a rabies shot.

   Luckily, Captain made up for it. He assured us that we wouldn’t have to take the dreaded train back to Colombo because

“Then we are selecting the turtle for to put in the car. Then we are with sand buckets also two or three for to the turtle to splash and play in the back of the car. Then we are putting the turtle in the back of the car for the swimming in the sand and the buckets. And then i am cleaning for two days the car”.


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